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Wiki Data Scams.

Wiki Data Scams is a resource for every supplier in the data industry to share the details of the scams and scammers they become aware of.

The open share of the scams and scammers you become aware of should make it more difficult for them to continue their scams and help protect the industry and their victims from further propagation of their scams.

If you have become the victim of a scam please set up an account and add the details here. Assuming you know it to be a scam add all the pertinent details including names and email addresses as this will make it easier for other victims to add their weight to it and ultimately we may be able to track down some of these people.

Feel free to add your knowledge as you see fit.

Sysop. [just a guy who works in the data industry]

Start Here

Steps to creating a Wikipedia page.

Search for the page first, use the search tool top right of this page. If its there great, if not then you will be offered the red link to create it. Before creating any content on WikiDatScams, learn about the WikiDatScams/Wikipedia community and how it works then do the following;

   Do your research first.
   Create an account. ...
   Start small. ...
   Gather your sources. ...
   Write the copy. ...
   Submit the page for review.

There is a full resource here [1]


Wiki Data Scams is only here because I got ripped off. The perp of the CFO scam approached me for data, seemed legitimate and paid his bills promptly. However ten days later the credit card companies clawed back the money and the perp dissapeared. I feel a fool, it cost thousands of pounds and wasted a great deal of my time.

I would like to think my actions here might go some way towards preventing this from happening again.